Family Dental Care

We all have 32 teeth in our mouth and they are indispensable. The tooth, in itself, consists of two parts: the root buried in the bone and the crown that is in the oral cavity. Dental care can help in many cases: to restore a devitalized tooth, to cover and support a tooth that has a large filling when there is not much left healthy material, to protect a weakened tooth, to cover a dental implant it is fixed with cement or is glued, to restore a broken cracked or very worn tooth and to cover a poorly formed or discolored tooth. Dental care is usually reimbursed by insurance.

First of all, let’s give you a little reminder of what dental care is and why it is needed. Remember, many cosmetic dentist mesa az dental practices also offer periodontal dentistry, which is gum care. The gum is the part of the oral mucosa that covers the maxillary bone and the mandible at the level of the tooth implantation area.

Regular brushing of the teeth allows removal of plaque. Today, the brush does almost everything alone. The purpose of these devices is to eliminate food residues and dental plaque in the most inaccessible areas of the mouth. In addition, the cost of a quality brush is now quite low compared to the many benefits.

Electric instruments also allow an individual to get rid of tartar. That’s why dentists today, almost unanimously recommend the use of the electric toothbrush. Its micro-pulsations and rotational movements are the enemy of tartar. The tartar is then taken off. It is therefore an effective preventive weapon against tartar.

Tartar is deposited on the surface of the teeth or under the gum, which can cause gingivitis. The consequences can be serious with gingivitis that evolves into periodontitis (bacteria that reach the bone) and therefore to a loosening of the tooth. Among the most affected by the gingivitis, there are of course smokers and drinkers of coffee and tea.

To carry out a scaling, there are several techniques and ultrasound is the most used method. If scaling is not done regularly, the bacteria break the link between the gingiva and the root of the teeth. If a good brushing and the use of the dental jet can limit the appearance of tartar and the frequency of descaling, it is still necessary to regularly visit a dentist.

In the absence of regular brushing, plaque appears on our teeth and also infiltrates under the gums. The enamel covers and protects the dentine in the visible part of the tooth, at the level of the crown. Whitish in color, enamel is the hardest part of the body. Also, dentine is the underlying tissue of the tooth, a hard tissue, which gives it its shape.