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In 1956 I  met my future wife while a first year student at the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in Southern California.  Vangie's family lived near Madera, California; accordingly we made several trips to Central California from Loma Linda  at that time.  It was my first awareness that such a thing as Tehachapi Pass even existed, however, the only experience on the pass in the 1950's was a ride from Bakersfield to Mojave via the San Joaquin Daylight in November 1959.  A 2 year stint with the USPHS/USCG in the east from 1960-62 and the demands on my time required by a young family and  establishing and maintaining a dental practice kept me busy and away from the "pass".  That all changed in December 1974 when the first trip was made to Tehachapi Pass for the sole purpose  of watching and photographing the trains.  It was love at first sight; I was hooked.  For the next 20 or more years Tehachapi Pass was visited regularly; these SP and ATSF photos are but a very small representation of the images captured there.

Don Bowen, Exeter, CA, 03/02